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Kerry vacuum equipment -- a successful case of customer applicationThe field operation performance is good, stable and durable, so that each front-line worker is easy to operate and maintain

Four core advantages of Ruikaifour core advantages

High tech enterprises, independent research and development, strength is guaranteed

Zhongshan Kairui is a production-oriented enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production and operation. It has passed the ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification. Focus on the manufacture of vacuum equipment, use our unique and effective creativity, constantly pursue perfect technology, and use good products to convince every customer.

For the sake of users, the inspection of manufacturing and purchasing warehousing is more strict

High-quality, high-stability products originate from Zhongshan Kairui's continuous pursuit of perfection in details. Therefore, we strictly control every product from design, production, testing, and delivery, and carry out layer-by-layer inspections from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of the product, thus ensuring the quality and performance of the product A site runs stably.



High cost performance saving 15% - 30% year on year

There are complete production equipment and testing equipment to ensure that each product is strictly tested and qualified before being delivered to customers. We attach great importance to the "universality" and "interchangeability" of product parts in product design. And we have a complete technical file for each product to ensure that users' products can be repaired promptly and quickly.

360 degree service system, let you have no worries

Quick response promise: 4 hours to make a treatment plan, 8 hours to implement to people, 24 hours to arrive at the scene. The worry-free service system ensures that customers get quick response to on-site problems in the shortest time, effectively shortening the communication cycle, and solving customers' urgent needs. Provide customers with comprehensive and comprehensive pre-sale, sale and after-sale technical services. Implement a lifetime responsibility system for the company's products, and always provide technical support and technical services.

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Zhongshan Kairui Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd

Zhongshan Kairui Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise. The company has a team with more than ten years of experience in the research and development, design, manufacturing and installation of vacuum special equipment. The company is committed to creating a high-quality vacuum equipment brand with a wide range of products Used in metal heat treatment, impregnation, epoxy resin casting, drying, oil injection treatment in industries such as transformers, transformers, reactors, voltage stabilizers, high-voltage electrical appliances, motors, capacitors, switches, etc.


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Zhongshan Kairui Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd.

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