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  • The characteristics of epoxy resin are

    The epoxy resin cast dry-type transformer has the characteristics of flame retardant, safety, reliable operation, convenient maintenance and small size...
    Release time:2020-03-05   Number of hits:192

  • What are the specific operating steps of the transformer mold?

    The technical problem to be solved by the utility model is to provide an adjustable transformer mold. The transformer mold factory can solve the current traditi...
    Release time:2020-03-05   Number of hits:191

  • Transformer mold production process

    1. The transformer mold factory conducts feasibility analysis on the product of the designed mold. Take the transformer mold as an example. First, use the desig...
    Release time:2020-03-05   Number of hits:191

  • What role does vacuum casting equipment play in the food industry

    The vacuum dryer has an internal vacuum drying laboratory. Vacuum drying equipment manufacturers have studied the feasibility and applicability of vacuum drying...
    Release time:2020-03-05   Number of hits:190

  • What material is the vacuum dryer generally made of

    device used by vacuum drying equipment manufacturers for vacuum drying. In the pharmaceutical industry, the vacuum dryer is called a vacuum oven. The vacuum dry...
    Release time:2020-03-05   Number of hits:190

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