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What material is the vacuum dryer generally made of

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What material is the vacuum dryer generally made of


 device used by vacuum drying equipment manufacturers for vacuum drying. In the pharmaceutical industry, the vacuum dryer is called a vacuum oven. The vacuum dryer is made of cast iron and can withstand high vacuum pressure without deformation. The furnace body is divided into hollow disks, which increase the surface area for heat conduction. The oven door is tightly closed and a vacuum pump is connected to reduce the pressure.

The vacuum dryer is a universal batch dryer, suitable for drying powders, granules, pastes and viscous pastes, especially when the product is sensitive to heat, contains solvents and is toxic or explosive. The vacuum dryer can handle products that thicken during the drying process. They can also be used for vacuum operations such as reaction/crystallization, heating/cooling, disinfection, liquid/solid separation and degassing.


The heat required for drying is introduced into the product through a heated jacket, which can be heated by various media including steam, hot oil and water. The jacket quickly dissipates heat into the product and combines it with effective mixing. The vacuum inside the dryer can remove steam at low temperatures, which makes the vacuum dryer an ideal choice for drying heat-sensitive products. The steam is removed by a dust collector installed on the top of the container. This prevents dust from entering the vacuum system.

The double cone rotary vacuum dryer is equipped with a condenser with a container for solvent recovery. According to the characteristics of the solvent, the vacuum drying equipment manufacturer can install the condenser before or after the vacuum pump. The moisture content of the product can be controlled by monitoring the weight of the condensate or using a sampler to sample from the vacuum dryer.


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