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What role does vacuum casting equipment play in the food industry

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What role does vacuum casting equipment play in the food industry


The vacuum dryer has an internal vacuum drying laboratory. Vacuum drying equipment manufacturers have studied the feasibility and applicability of vacuum drying as a substitute for dry powder products to improve the stability of various vaccines. Using advanced formulation design, recent achievements include the clinical development of a vacuum-dried hepatitis B vaccine and a multivalent meningococcal polysaccharide conjugate vaccine. We are testing the feasibility of a vacuum-dried oral vaccine to treat bacterial diarrhea.

Vacuum drying is ideal for drying materials that can be damaged or changed at high temperatures. Vacuum removes moisture while preventing oxidation or explosion that may occur when certain materials are mixed with air. In some cases, it is necessary for manufacturers of vacuum drying equipment to recycle solvents or dry materials to very low moisture. This is suitable for us to use vacuum drying.


Drying at a lower temperature can reduce energy consumption. It can recycle expensive solvents, eliminate additional air pollution control costs, and reduce product losses caused by atmospheric pollutants, dust, oxidation, discoloration and chemical changes. The economics of vacuum dryers have become more advantageous, especially for high-value species that are thicker and difficult to handle.

Vacuum drying technology also provides highly nutritious ready-to-eat, better flavor and less hygroscopic end products. Vacuum drying also shows its own limitations. Unless the food is packaged and stored under low humidity, this process may not completely inhibit the microorganisms that cause food spoilage or the toxins and infectious organisms that cause food poisoning.

In some cases, the final product may become brittle and lose its aroma. Because this process does not change the shape and size of the food, vacuum drying equipment manufacturers require more storage space for the finished product than other types of dehydrated food.


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