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Transformer mold production process

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Transformer mold production process


1. The transformer mold factory conducts feasibility analysis on the product of the designed mold. Take the transformer mold as an example. First, use the design software to perform assembly analysis on the product drawings of the parts (that is, the drawing set in our work) to ensure that the product drawings are made before the mold design. On the other hand, you can become familiar with the importance of each component in the entire chassis to determine the size of the key. This is very useful in mold design. The specific drawing method will not be described in detail here.

2. The work to be carried out after the analysis of the transformer mold factory, which mold structure to use to analyze the product, arrange the product, determine the stamping content of each process, and use the design software to expand the product. Usually, when the product is expanded, follow-up projects will be carried out. For example, a product requires five processes. After the stamping is completed, start the product from the product drawing to four, three, two and one project, and then make copies and make copies. The development of a project is the completion of the product development of the fifth project, and then detailed work. Please note that this step is very important and requires special attention. If this step is done well, it will save a lot of mold drawing time. After determining the stamping content of each item (included in the forming mold), retain the inner and outer lines of the product material thickness to determine the size of the concave and convex mold. The method of product expansion is not described here, and will be expanded during product expansion. The method is described in detail.


3. Prepare materials according to the transformer mold product development plan. Determine the size of the template in the drawing, including the fixed plate, discharge plate, concave and convex mold, inserts, etc. Note that materials are directly prepared in the product development plan. This is very beneficial. I have seen many mold designers directly calculate product development drawings to prepare materials. This method is too inefficient. Draw template specifications and dimensions directly on the drawing and express them in the form of assembly drawings. On the one hand, material preparation can be completed, on the other hand, a lot of work can be saved in the work of mold parts, because positioning, pins, guide posts, and screw holes can be added to the material preparation diagram in the mold. Draw the work of each component.

4. After finishing the material preparation, you can fully enter the mold drawing. Copy and draw the parts again in the preparation drawing, such as adding screw holes, guide pin holes, positioning holes and other holes and punching. Various holes in the mold need to be wire cut through the holes. In the forming mold, the forming gap between the upper mold and the lower mold must not be forgotten. Therefore, after completing these tasks, the mold drawing of the product is almost 80% completed. In addition, the mold diagram is being drawn. It should be noted in the process: each process refers to production, such as fitter scribing, wire cutting, etc., and different processing processes have a complete production layer. This has great benefits for wire cutting and engineering drawing management, such as color distinction. Size setting is also a very important task, and also a troublesome task, because it is too time-consuming.


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